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Assassin’s Life; Backlash or Will She be Saved?

Assassin or saint? Friend or foe? Love and hated by all. In this Christian thriller, LaJuan Craig is that character everyone loves to hate.

LaJuan faces the decision to turn her life over to Christ and become hunted by her bosses. The birth of her daughter changed her perspective on life and for the sake of her child she wants to change.

She secretly received advice from Pastor Bell but her bosses found out and assign someone to kill LaJuan. Who is shooting at her? Who’s trying to kill her friends and loved ones? It can’t be, he’s supposed to be dead… is he?

The hunt begins as LaJuan struggles to take back her life. Blood runs through the streets; many die protecting LaJuan from the Illuminati. They will stop at nothing to see her dead.

What should she do? Live for God or live for man?

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