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Eleven years ago, devastation struck the McCarron family. Since the tragedy, the secret has been kept close to home, but recent activities threaten to expose the truth behind Layla and Kayla McCarron.

Layla McCarron is a fun-loving attorney. She talks about her twin sister, Kayla but none of her friends have met Kayla. Her psychologist attempted to get Layla to talk about her past but Layla refused.

Layla unexpectedly won her first case in a way no one could have imagined. After the case, and with impending witness tampering charges pending, she went from a rising star to a suspected criminal. Everything spiraled out of control and evidence mounted against her. Even her own client put a contract out on her life. 

Then, after an argue with Layla, her best friend is murdered. Now police detective Brenda Lewis is on the case, and she suspects Layla is the killer. Detective Lewis’ investigation turns up leads to the McCarron family secret. An attempt is made on Detective Lewis’ life, and she suspects Layla is the killer. The death toll continued to mount as Detective Lewis closes in on the truth.

Is Layla a twin? What happened in that bathroom 11 years ago? Did Layla commit the murders and is she blaming them on an imaginary sister?

If you are a psychological-thriller buff, this novel will take your breath away. Get your copy now to find out if your guess is correct.

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