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Million Dollar Club

Members of an elite Seattle men’s club are being hunted down and murdered by a ruthless killer. Behind the façade of success and respectability are questions of criminal activities from their past. The weight of their misdeeds hangs over their heads.

A killer with an insatiable thirst for justice believes death is the only solution for this group of men. Judge, jury, and executioner. The perpetrator has garnered a massive following on social media; recruiting a legion of followers to enact his plan of total extermination.

A prominent figure in the community makes a shocking public declaration that unwittingly aligns him with the killer.
Seattle Police Detective Cian Molloy is the lead investigator. He races against the clock to catch the killer as the body count continues to rise.

Amara Mackelroy, a tenacious investigative writer for a local Seattle magazine, has a penchant for sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. She becomes entangled in the sinister web of the killer’s game as she attempts to uncover the identity of the killer. Using her growing blog following and trusty police scanner, she broadcasts updates on the case, warning the killer that eyes are everywhere, and justice will prevail. As the danger rises, she soon lands in the killer’s crosshairs.
Rolanzo Dumont, the president of the exclusive club and pillar of the community, mobilizes every resource at his disposal to keep the men he considers brothers safe. A target is on each of their backs and Dumont knows they must catch the killer before it’s too late; with or without the help of authorities.

Tick Tok…Time is running out as the body count continues to rise. In a race against impending doom, this suspenseful tale will keep you on the edge of your seat. Will justice prevail before the killer’s sinister plan reaches its chilling climax?


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