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The Mark of the Beast comes in many forms.

Stacy Friday has always struggled with her weight. After trying every dieting regiment and with a hatred of the gym, she finds herself cheating on her diet and unable to say no to the foods she loves. She feels like she’ll never be able to succeed with her goals and become more attractive to men.

But when she discovers a brain chip that could control her diet and metabolism, all her dreams seem possible. She jumps at the idea – even when her friends warn her it’s the Mark of the Beast.

At first, the chip works like a charm. Then the side effects begin. Her weight loss gives way to excessive spending, flirting, and cheating on her boyfriend.

And as more and more people begin getting these chips, Stacy realizes her friends might just have been right about the Mark of the Beast after all…

If you like gripping Christian fiction with an apocalyptic theme and an important message, then you won’t want to miss Weight Loss. Grab your copy today!

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