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The Last Honorable Man


Run for Your Life, Even if It Means Faking Your Own Death… Will Jake Protect His Family and Clear His Name Before It’s Too Late?

All Jake wanted is to take part in a mission as an Air Force Operator.

Careful what you wish for Jake, it may come true…

Soon after the mission is over, Jake becomes the primary suspect in a 45 million dollar heist. It doesn’t help that 8 members of his team make him the scapegoat, trying to set him up to take the fall for a deed he didn’t do.

Not only does he have to prove his innocence, but he also has to run for his life…

Running out of options to protect his family and stop the team members from coming after him, Jake fakes his own death. Now that he thwarted the team and covered his tracks, he has all the time he needs to dig into the theft from the ‘grave’.

Luckily, agent Sheldon McCarr is on his side. Soon enough, Jake is faced with shock and disbelief. Who would’ve thought Chief Master Sergeant Damien Rose is part of the dirty play – if not the key figure. Isn’t there a single honorable man left in the world!?

Jake digs deeper and new dark secrets come to the surface. How naive was Jack to think he had the best job in the world? How many of you had to fake your death because of your teammates? Is your boss the mastermind behind a shameful operation to put an innocent man in jail or worse – kill him?

As the plot thickens, Jake comes to realize that not everything is at it seems. Will he manage to clear his name? Or, must he live the rest of his life in the shadows, as a dead man? At least, until his team finds out the truth and kills him for real…

An absolutely thrilling book, it will grab your attention from the very first page. Oh, and the ending? You won’t see it coming!

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