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The Room


Five trapped people given the ultimate choice. Four will escape. One must die.

Marquis Bryant is a deacon with a dark secret. After turning to drugs to cope with the loss of the people in his life, he finds himself unable to let go and move on. The past – and the people responsible – haunt his every waking moment.

When Marquis wakes up in a windowless room with the four people who destroyed his life, they’re given the ultimate choice. To escape, one of them must sacrifice their lives for the others.

Faced with the woman who led the riot that killed his father, the doctor who refused to help his mother, the girl responsible for his girlfriend’s death, and the brother-in-law who murdered his younger sister, Marquis’s rage boils to the surface as their acts are relived in vivid detail.

They have 48 hours to decide which one of them must die. Alliances form, deals are struck. All end up broken. As the clock ticks down and the pressure mounts, Marquis’ life – and salvation – hangs in the balance.

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