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Lisa Hook Bell

Lisa Hook Bell is a proud and loving wife, mother, and grandmother from Tampa, Florida. She is also a former Elementary School teacher, who lovingly dedicated her life to teaching for 31 years. Mrs. Bell has an intense love and appreciation for young children and children’s literature, and realized when she was just a child, that educating and enlightening children’s minds was her passion. She began teaching after receiving her BS degree in Elementary Education from the University of South Florida. She immediately discovered that children’s willingness to read and ability to attain valuable lessons and personal growth were deeply enhanced through humorous fiction and relatable characters. Shortly after retiring, Lisa Hook Bell made it her mission to combine this knowledge, with her passion for writing, her ability to see things from a child’s perspective and her quirky sense of humor to create memorable and beloved characters, such those in the Kenya Lancer Series. Her intent is to spread love and instill joy and laughter into children’s lives, while successfully teaching them about meaningful values and everyday life lessons.

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