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Glynis Albright

Welcome to my kitchen where everyone is family. Only the finest tasty treats and products for home cooking- free of preservatives and additives – good for healthy bodies and healing bodies, even for your favorite furry friend. “I have always loved cooking. For many years I cooked for my husband, musician Gerald Albright, daughter Selina, son Brandon and anyone who stopped by: celebrities, heads of state, colleagues, extended family, friends and everyday folks like me, who found themselves recovering from a life-threatening illness.”
After being diagnosed with a rare blood disease, I decided to look into the naturopathic route of healing to give my doctors the best body that I could have, considering the circumstances. As I began to see results in my own health, I pushed forward by creating and sharing a gourmet line of delicious treats for other people suffering like me.
During my toughest bout with leukemia, Just Sweet Enough® was born. Creating Just Sweet Enough® just wasn’t enough. I wanted to also help others suffering from health challenges unlike my own. I went back to school at night, earning my PhD in Natural Health/Food Science so that I could deliver high quality products, share my knowledge of nutrition with others, and work with other doctors in various fields to help their patients. After meeting with Dr.MAL Fobi (creator of the Fobi Pouch, a form of gastric bypass surgery), I created Cookie Dots® for his patients and others.
Major cruise lines, The Food Network, morning shows, various church groups and organizations have invited me to share my testimony as a survivor and my experience of choosing faith, family, and food.

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